What is Dryftwell?

Dryftwell is a personalized recommendation platform for things to do, eat, drink in your own city. We like to think of it like having an old friend in every city.

Who is Dryftwell for?

Dryftwell is for those who are looking for suggestions on best places to eat, drink and explore. Instead of spending time looking through Instagram, blogs and Yelp, we help you find the best things for you to do.

Who is a Dryftwell local?

Our locals are deeply knowledgable about their city. They curate a set of unique recommendations just for you based on your preferences.

Do I choose my local?

We make that decision and we match you to the best local for you based on your style and the information you give us in the quiz.

What info do I provide to my local?

You’ll fill out our quiz to get started with details about you, your group, what you love to do and your interests, and any must do things. With that info, your local will start their first round of recommendations.

How do I communicate with my local?

You can leave feedback after your first round of recommendations. Let your local know if you have any specific questions or requests at that point.

What trip lengths do you support?

You can sign up for a weekend or week trip.

How much does it cost?

Lucky you! Right now we are in beta, so the service is free. We just ask for your feedback at the end so we can improve. Sign up while it's still free :)