Day trips from San Antonio

Being Texas's cultural epicentre, San Antonio is closely placed near the best day trips spots and adventure sites. No matter whether you want to travel to coastal areas or the countryside, the best locations are located just a two-hour drive away. You can easily trip to some of Texas's most scenic landscapes and can find great attractions as a tourist. Many day trips from San Antonio are also arranged on a daily basis to Texas’ best locations because of the rich geological and historical perspective of the area. 

If you consider yourself a travel enthusiast and want to explore excellent day-trip sites with your friends or family, we recommend you to take the following day trips from San Antonio.

Day Trips from San Antonio to Fredericksburg

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  • Distance: 70 miles
  • How to get there: Bus, Car, Taxi
  • Must See: National Museum of Pacific War, Enchanted Rock State National Area, Grape Creek Vineyards, Main Street, Wildseed Farms
  • Where to eat: Prometheus Pizza, Vaudeville, Cabernet Grill Texas Wine Country Restaurant
  • Great for: Couples, Friends, Small Groups, Families

Fredericksburg is an ideal location for couples because it carries a charming romantic vibe. As there are many local wineries and souvenir shopping stalls, you can cherish the utmost enjoyment with your family. Moreover, if you are interested in hiking and walking around to remote locations, you can jump on the narrow trail and hike within the woods for hours. Many day trips from San Antonio visit this spot because of the fantastic sunrise and sunset views, so you should also carry a camera to capture the memories of this fantastic place.

Day Trips from San Antonio to Garner State Park

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  • Distance: 94 miles
  • How to get there: Bus, Car, Taxi
  • Must See: Old Baldy, Coffin Mountain, Frio Bat Flight Tours, Concan Swimming Hole
  • Where to eat: Buckhorn Bar and Beverage Barn, Hippie Chic’s River Shack LLC
  •  Great for: Couples, Friends, Kids, Large Groups, Families

If you like to camp and want to enjoy your time outing with friends, make sure to add Garner State Park to your day trips from the San Antonio list. As it is the ultimate vacation spot for Texans in summer, you will see many tour packages and people roaming around in this Park. Camp near the Frio River and hike around on the Coffin Mountains. Also, you can fish and enjoy water sports if you like. We also recommend you enjoy the local eateries to get the authentic flavour of this beautiful place. Overall, it dramatically impacts nature because of the fresh fragrance in the air and sweet light, so it is totally recommended.

Day Trips from San Antonio to New Braunfels

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  • Distance: 32 miles
  • How to get there: Bus, Line Bus, Car, Taxi
  • Must See: Natural Bridge Caverns, Gruene Hall, Landa Park, Stars and Stripes Drive-In Theatre, McKenna Children’s Museum
  • Where to eat: Das Nutrition Haus, Coronado’s Sweet Heat BBQ, Huisache Grill
  • Great for: Couples, Friends, Kids, Large Groups, Families

New Braunfels is a nature’s waterpark as it is the intersection point of Guadalupe and Comal River. Most people from different regions travel to this place to enjoy watersports of various types at one of the largest waterparks in Texas named Schlitterbahn. If you like to spend time full of enjoyment and adventure, you can raft and tube in the water. Also, you can sight-see areas such as Natural Bridge Caverns, Landa Park, and Children Museum. Capture a fantastic glimpse of the natural wonders and see the hilly areas around. If you still have some time, we recommend you to check Drive-in Theatre and McKenna Children’s Museum on this day trip from San Antonio guide.

Day Trips from San Antonio to Canyon Lake

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  • Distance: 44 miles
  • How to get there: Bus, Line Bus, Taxi, Car
  • Must See: Canyon Overlook Park, Wimberley Zipline Adventures, Canyon Lake Marina
  • Where to eat: PZA, Canyon Lake Golf and Country Club, Lighthouse Restaurant and Bar, The Canyon Cowboy
  • Great for: Couples, Friends, Kids, Large Groups, Families

Canyon Lake is located just an hour away from San Antonio and is regarded as a fun spot because of its chilled and relaxed vibe. This place can be considered as the best spot for adventure enthusiasts because it has tons of water activities and sports such as kayaking, boating, fishing, swimming, etc. Spend your day in intervals at Canyon Beach Park, Comal Park, and Overlook Park. Also, you can camp around the best spots and enjoy the barbeque and other delights.

Day Trips from San Antonio to San Marcos

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  • Distance: 50 miles
  • How to get there: Train, Bus, Taxi, Car
  • Must See: Mystery Mountains, San Marcos Plaza Park, Purgatory Creek Natural Area, Tour San Marcos, Rio Vista Park
  • Where to eat: Taco Palenque New Braunfels, Taiwan Bowl, Don Japanese Kitchen, Hawaii Poke San Marcos
  • Great for: Couples, Friends, Kids, Large Groups, Families

Although San Marcos is a college town famous because of its Texas State University, there are plenty of recreational activities for all the age groups in this small city. If you like to shop at the local places, head to the local markets and streets. Also, make sure to taste the local delights from the street stalls, cafes, and restaurants. As the San Marcos River is the centre of attention for visitors, you can enjoy activities like swimming, boating, and fishing. You can also head to Outlet Mall and Tanger Outlets for shopping and enjoyment during the winter season.