Day Trips from Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is based on an ideal location because there are various unique locations within close distance. Because the city is placed in a strategic position, you can go to the countryside, other big cities, coastal towns, etc., in just a few minutes. Staying in Pennsylvania's hub, it is very convenient to visit many great and adventurous spots, so pack your bags and start planning for your incredible day out. 

If your stay in this city is extended and you want to see the significant sites, you can take the following day trips from Philadelphia.

Longwood Gardens

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  • Distance: 36 miles
  • How to get there: Train, Bus, Taxi, Car
  • Must See: Longwood Garden, Brandywine River Museum of Art, Chaddsford Winery, Main Fountain Garden
  • Where to eat: 1906 at Longwood Gardens, Two Stones Pub Kennett Square, Froga Bistro 
  • Great for: Families, Friends, Couples, Large Groups, Kids 

Longwood Gardens are a fine display of flower beds spreading through vast pasture land. If you like to see such a place and want to enjoy the fresh fragrance of glazing charm, we recommend putting this one in your day trips from the Philadelphia list. Because it is made up of indoor plants, outdoor plants, flowering spring bulbs, water gardens, and unique trees, it has created a calm and cheerful vibe. If you want to spend a day peacefully in the countryside with your friends or family, you can visit to see these flowers and plants in a vast field of thousands of acres. Apart from these types, there are many country-themed gardens such as the Italian garden, French garden, Dutch garden, etc., so you will also get to know the style of different countries. In the bloomy season of spring and summer, these gardens rise to their peak level, so many events and small festivals occur. You can participate in it too if you want to experience the local tradition.

New York City

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  • Distance: 94 miles
  • How to get there: Plane, Train, Bus, Taxi, Car
  • Must See: Central Park, Statue of Liberty National Monument, Empire State Building, Times Square, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Brooklyn Bridge
  • Where to eat: Le Bernardin, The Modern, Gramercy Tavern, Eleven Madison Park
  • Great for: Families, Friends, Couples, Large Groups, Kids 

New York City is enormous, and there is no better way to see everything the city offers in just one day. However, it has become an integral part of day trips from the Philadelphia list because of the close proximity between the two. As a day-tripper, you can get a tour of Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, and Liberty in one day. For just sightseeing, you can also visit Central Park. Because New York City is only one and a half hours away from Philadelphia, you can visit this city to see the vast trenches of skyscrapers. Get a bus tour where you will be shown Empire State Building, World Trade Center, and other top-rated monuments. You can also get a food tour to relish on some of the fantastic street food. In this massive ocean of people, see different neighborhoods to explore other people's lifestyles and cultures packed together. After all these great activities, if you still have time, you can visit New York's famous museums. Many day trippers from Philadelphia visit this city because it offers a diverse range of activities all in one place.

Gettysburg National Military Park

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  • Distance: 139 miles
  • How to get there: Train, Bus, Car
  • Must See: Gettysburg National Military Park Museum, National Cemetery, Little Round Top, Jennie Wade House
  • Where to eat: NY HALAL GYRO, Hunt’s Battlefield Fries, General Pickett’s Buffet
  • Great for: Families, Friends, Couples, Large Groups, Kids 

If you have a keen interest in exploring the history and culture of native America, especially from the independence perspective, there is no better place to visit than Gettysburg. Gettysburg National Military Park is a civil war site containing the memories of the past. This region has played a massive role in the Civil War as it cost more than 51,000 lives to retreat the armies of Virginia in 1863. Because it holds a lot of historical importance in American history, it is definitely worth a visit. On the tour of this park, you can get to see more than a thousand monuments. Also, see the museum, which depicts the aftermaths of war. Because it is the right combination of enjoyment and learning, many day trips from Philadelphia visit this park. Get a view of the battlefield and see the impact that the war has created in just one day.

Lancaster County

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  • Distance: 80 miles
  • How to get there: Train, Car
  • Must See: Dutch Wonderland, Strasburg Rail Road, Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, The Amish Village, The Amish Farm and House, Cherry Crest Adventure Farm
  • Where to eat: Witmer Ox Roast, The BBQ Barn, John J Jeffries Restaurant 
  • Great for: Families, Friends, Couples, Large Groups, Kids 

Lancaster County is a slow-paced region encapsulating Amish, Mennonites, and people of other cultures together, popularly known as Pennsylvania Dutch. If you want to relax and enjoy the countryside's calming vibe, put Lancaster County on your day trips from the Philadelphia list. You can see the Amish Village, Bird in Hand, and other villages as they are very close to each other. Also, capture some stunning photographs of giant windmills in the vast fields. If you are interested in learning about railway and locomotives, make sure you visit the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania in Strasburg as it contains more than a hundred vintage railroad souvenirs. Apart from this, other museums, such as Quilt Museum and Valley Village and Farms Museum, hold their unique flavor too. As you can see, all of these in one day, we recommend you to consider this as your ideal option.

Asbury Park, New Jersey

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  • Distance: 76 miles
  • How to get there: Train, Bus, Car
  •  Must See: Asbury Park Board Walk, Ocean Grove Beach, Shark River, Stephen Crane House
  •  Where to eat: Pascal and Sabine, Porta Asbury Park, Moonstruck 
  •  Great for: Families, Friends, Couples, Large Groups, Kids

Located in New Jersey, Asbury Park is a beautiful place to get away for one day because of its outstanding live music and stunning seaside views. If you like to spend a day at a beach listening to live music, it will be an ideal spot for you. This coastal town has stunning architecture, and it offers some fantastic food items such as pizzas and burritos. Plan a picnic with your friends, family, or loved ones, and get away from the city's crowd for one day. If you want to get a top view of the ocean, you can reserve a table at Salvation restaurant or Asbury Hotel. Overall, it is added to the day trips from the Philadelphia list because of its excellent outdoor activities and enjoyable atmosphere.