Day Trips from Miami

Miami is regarded as one of the best vacation destinations because of its luxury beaches, glamorous hotels, activity spots, and much more. Although many people only aspire to travel to Miami because of the city activities, many day trip add-ons can augment the amusement. Enjoy the national historical sites and learn about the blend of culture by visiting the different architectural and heritage sites. 

If you decide to stay in Miami and want to see the influential location in the nearby spots, you can take the following day trips from Miami.

Day Trips from Miami to Biscayne National Park

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  • Distance: 33 miles
  • How to get there: Line Bus, Train, Car, Taxi
  • Must See: Miami Seaquarium, Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park, Crandon Park, Cape Florida Lighthouse, Stiltsville
  • Where to eat: La Playa Grill, Black Point Ocean Grill, Boater’s Grill
  •  Great for: Couples, Friends, Kids, Large Groups, Families

Biscayne National Park is the landmark of Mangrove forests, coral reefs, and rare plants spread across different islands from a few miles from Downtown Miami. Although it is only accessible by cruise, many day trips from Miami visit this spot on a daily basis. Multiple species of exceptional animals, such as turtles, pelicans, dolphins, etc., can be seen in this national park. Also, there are a number of diving and underwater adventure spots that will give you the most stunning underwater glimpse. If you are interested in learning about this side of nature and want to explore the heritage spots, we recommend you put this park in your day trips from Miami list.

Day Trips from Miami to Everglades National Park

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  • Distance: 42 miles
  • How to get there: Line Bus, Bus, Car, Taxi
  • Must See: Coral Castle, Mahogany Hammock Trail, Anhinga Trail, Ernest F. Coe Visitor Center
  • Where to eat: White Lion Café, Havana Café of the Everglades, Camellia Street Grill, Miccosukee Restaurant
  • Great for: Couples, Friends, Kids, Large Groups, Families

Everglades National Park carries the typical vibe of Florida because of its subtropical habitat. It is a large park carrying the ultimate Florida wilderness. If you want to experience the hostile environment of crocodiles, alligators, egrets, manatees, panthers, etc., this is the place for you. You can start your adventure by stopping at the park’s visitor center. Also, if you want to walk on foot, you can hike around the easiest paths created to see the wildlife from a distant view. Visiting the park's swamps in an airboat is regarded as one of the best activities of Everglades, so it is important that you add it to your day trips from Miami list. Book an airboat tour along with a professional guide if you want both learning and adventure at the same time.

Day Trips from Miami to Bimini, Bahamas

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  • Distance: 57 miles
  • How to get there: Cruise
  • Must See: Dolphin House Museum, Luna Beach Club, Bimini Biological Field Station, Radio Beach, Browns Marina, South Bimini 
  • Where to eat: Bimini Big John’s, Stuart Conch Salad Stand, Big Mike’s Fresh Conch Salad, Edith’s Pizza
  • Great for: Couples, Friends, Kids, Large Groups, Families

If you want to spend some quality time on a subtropical island, we recommend you visiting Bimini, Bahamas. Located just a few miles from Miami, Bimini attracts thousands of tourists from all over the year. Because it carries an enchanting persona of utmost aspiration, it is regarded as the best relaxing and soothing location near Miami. Participate in fishing tournaments and get a chance to experience underwater marine life by taking a guided snorkeling tour. Also, if you are carrying kids with you on the trip, you can take a Bimini Sharklab Tour to learn the biological facilities of marine life. Overall, this day-trip can give you both enjoyment and learning; therefore, it is added to the day trips from Miami list.

Day Trips from Miami to Homestead, Florida

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  • Distance: 28 miles
  • How to get there: Train, Bus, Car, Taxi
  • Must See: Historical Homestead Town Hall Museum, Seminole Wayside Park, Losner Park, Homestead Bayfront Park.
  • Where to eat: La Quebradita Mexican Restaurant Grill, Mario’s, Havana Spice, Taqueria Morelia, Four Eight Restaurant and Lounge, Yardie Spice
  • Great for: Couples, Friends, Kids, Large Groups, Families

Popular because of its agricultural sites, Homestead is located in the south of Miami. As most of the park is based on water, you can enjoy boat rides by joining a guided tour. Visit the Coral Castle Museum to learn about the natural habitat and unique species of animals found in the region. Also, we recommend you to visit Monkey Jungle on these day trips from Miami if you like to see the tropical climate’s wonders.

Day Trips from Miami to Islamorada, Florida

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  • Distance: 86 miles
  • How to get there: Car, Taxi, Train, Cruise
  • Must See: Theatre of the Sea, Windley Key Fossil Reef Geological State Park, Indian Key Historical State Park, Rain Barrel Village, Hurricane Monument, Library Beach Park
  • Where to eat: Lorelei Restaurant and Cabana Bar, Lazy Days Restaurant, Meze Morada
  • Great for: Couples, Friends, Kids, Large Groups, Families

Islamorada is a sensational island located to the south of Miami in the Florida Keys. This place carries the elegant beauty of the ocean, beach, skyline, and nature. It is also the center of fishing events; therefore,, people from all over the US visit this spot to participate in the event. On your visit, you can explore the old trails and interior of the island. Visit the Marina Dock to see the Dolphin and sea horse shows. Also, plan a picnic at Islamorada library beach. Overall, it is a great trip to enjoy because of the pristine natural beauty and enjoyment; therefore, it is added to the day trips from Miami list.