Day Trips from Denver

Denver is considered as an ideal city because of the unimaginable and magnificent tourist spots and day trip locations in close proximity. Because of the perfect placement, many tourists from all over the world visit this city. Thus, it acts as a base point for travelers. If you want to experience the true meaning of raw nature and get a significant viewpoint of the giant Colorado State, you can go on the memorable day trips from Denver.

Taking short one day trips from Denver can take you to the most charismatic and splendid locations as the state is full of rich natural wonders. The following are some of the most popular day trips from Denver locations.

Red Rocks Park

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  • Distance: 17 miles
  • How to get there: Bus, Tram, Line Bus, Car, Taxi
  • Must See: Red Rocks Visitor Center, Red Rocks Hiking Trails, Morrison Natural History Museum, Mount Falcon Castle Trail, Lariat Loop National Scenic Byway 
  • Where to eat: Ship Rock Grille, Red Rocks Beer Garden, Red Rocks Grill
  • Great for:  Families, Kids, Couples, Small Groups, Large Groups

Having one of the best picnic spots and sightseeing points, Red Rocks Park is filled with a lot of opportunities for travelers and day-trippers. Because of these reasons, many day trips from Denver, Colorado, visit this wonder. You can take your family here during the spring or holiday season to enjoy nature and an open atmosphere. Also, if you are into music and concert, you can enjoy the live shows at the world-famous Amphitheatre with a chanting, energetic crowd. Hiking activities in this region are also very famous because of the wildlife and nature in the way. If you are camping or want to experience the park's distant areas, we recommend having enough protective gear and food.

Rocky Mountain National Park

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  • Distance: 70 miles
  • How to get there: Bus, Car, Taxi
  • Must See: Beaver Meadows Visitor Center, Downtown Estes Park, Bear Lake, Trail Ridge Road, Moraine Park Museum
  • Where to eat: The Rock Inn Mountain Tavern, Bird and Jim, Trailhead Restaurant
  • Great for:  Families, Kids, Couples, Small Groups, Large Groups

Rocky Mountains Park lies not too far away from Denver and is considered a top travel spot in America because of the wildlife, camping, skiing, and other activities. To have the most enjoyable time of your life, you definitely have to put Rocky in your day trips from Denver list. Since it is considered an all-season wonder, you can visit this place in summer to enjoy camping, sightseeing, and cool weather, and in winter, you can enjoy different snow sports such as skiing, snowboarding, etc. If you are interested in hiking or exploring nature's paradise, we recommend seeing the depth of the National Park and Bear Lake.

Boulder and Nederland

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  • Distance: 29 miles
  • How to get there: Bus, Car, Taxi
  • Must See: Peak to Peak Highway, Carousal of Happiness, Eldora Mountain, Nederland Mining Museum, Caribou Ranch Open Space
  • Where to eat: Spruce Farm and Fish, East Moon Asian Bistro and Sushi, Kathmandu Restaurant, Rincon Del Sol
  • Great for:  Families, Kids, Couples, Small Groups, Large Groups

Although Boulder and Nederland are two different spots, they can be visited in one day because of the close distances. Boulder is famous because of its food culture and nature. On the other side, Nederland is renowned for its outdoor activities such as fishing, climbing, and hiking. If you have an interest in spending some relaxing time, it is a place for you. You can go on day trips from Denver to these attractive locations to get away from the city traffic. Walk in the vast fields enjoying the blow of cool wind from the mountains and get a taste of nature's bounty. It gives a view of the Rockies, so you can have some great time with your family avoiding the crowds.

Mount Evans

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  • Distance: 60 miles
  • How to get there: Bus, Taxi, Tram, Car
  • Must See: Denver Botanic Garden, Mount Evans Scenic Byway, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Denver Art Museum, Echo Lake, Dos Chappell Nature Center
  • Where to eat: Echo Lake Lodge, Coffee Bean N Bakery, Crossroads Pizza and Wings 
  • Great for:  Families, Kids, Couples, Small Groups, Large Groups

Mount Evans is very close to Denver and can be considered an ideal spot for day trips in terms of learning and experiencing nature and culture. Although it has many places to see, you can visit the highlighted ones if you decide to take a guided tour. You can drive to Mount Evans Scenic Byway, which is the highest point in the region. The skyline from this point is impressive, so if you are interested in photography, you can capture some fantastic art pieces. In addition to this, there are many hiking and camping point places in the forest too, so if you want to spend a whole quality day with your family or loved ones, you can add it to your day trips from the Denver checklist.


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  • Distance: 36 miles
  • How to get there: Bus, Tram, Car, Taxi
  • Must See: Goose Creek Trailhead, Upper Cheesman Canyon Trailhead, Ouzel Camping Area, Molly Gulch
  • Where to eat: Decker's Corner, Zokas Restaurant and Bar, Cooper's on the Creek, Buck Snort Saloon
  • Great for:  Families, Kids, Couples, Small Groups, Large Groups

If you do not want to go too far away and want to chill with your friends or family, Decker is the place to be. Deckers has tons of mountain trails, forests, and views in its complete outdoor package. You can hike and walk on the incredible Deckers trail and enjoy birds and other wildlife in the surroundings. If you love fishing, you can go a little south to the River to hunt Trout. Because of the minimal atmosphere and soothing surroundings, you can spend valuable time here.