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Holding the fresh touch of nature and sky-high scrapers, Seattle lies in the Northwest of the US. This city is popular among tourists because of the diversity and collection of activities it offers at one location such as sea, nature, parks, architecture, etc. Many people from all over the world visit this city to relax and enjoy the serene and clean environment. If you want to have a delightful time enjoying some outdoor activities and festivals with your family or friends, then you should definitely put this up in your travel bucket list.

In this guide to Seattle, you'll know about the best seasons to visit this Emerald City. Also, to give a complete understanding of Seattle's culture, most popular neighborhoods and transport details have been covered in detail.

When to go

Seattle is a divergent city because it offers different activities in different seasons. If you plan a family trip or vacation with friends to this Emerald city, make sure that you choose the best time following the month guide of Seattle below.


November to February is the peak winter season in Seattle. You will experience both rain and snowfall during this time. There may not many outdoor activities in this period; however, you can visit many indoor places with your family or loved ones such as the Museum of Flight, Pop Culture Museum, and Seattle Aquarium. Additionally, if you are traveling in a group, you can join many exciting and unique tours such as Tour Theo Chocolate Factory, Garden of Glass, and Pacific Science Center.  


Spring season in Seattle starts from March and ends in May. During this time, you will experience a lot of rainfall and chill breeze. But the best thing is that hotel prices still remain intermediate. This is the time of festivals and events in Seattle so if you are planning for a family or friends trip, make sure to see the Tulip Festival, Seattle International Film Festival, and Seattle Restaurant Week. Spend some quality time with your loved ones at the beach and visit the famous tourist attractions at affordable rates. You can see the guide to Seattle and can enjoy many indoor and outdoor activities too.


June to August is the summer period in Seattle. The city is most crowded around this time as many tourists from all over the world come here. Because of the sun, it will be pleasant during the daytime; however, you will feel a bit chilly at night. If you are traveling with a group that likes to party, see Seattle International BeerFest, Seafair Weekend, and Capitol Hill Block Party.  


September and October are the best months to visit Seattle. You will not be able to see too much crowd in this season, and the rates of the hotels will also be less. So, you can peacefully enjoy your family vacation during this time. Also, the temperature in these months is ideal. Utilize your holidays and try to plan your trip during these perfect fall months. See the complete skyline of the city from Seattle Space Needle and get the Seattle beneath the street tour.





Driving in Seattle can be challenging because of the unpredictable weather conditions and traffic, especially in the tourist season, so most people prefer to use public transit. If you are using your car in the city, you'll probably need Google Maps to navigate. Also, parking can be very daunting because of the high rates. The average off-street car parking rate for an hour is $10. So, it is recommended that you use public transport.

Public Transit

Seattle has a wide variety of public transit. You can prefer the road as well as the sea to travel almost anywhere. Use the Seattle Center Monorail to travel to nearly all the main areas of the city. Also, you can use taxis and cab sharing services at affordable rates. If you plan to stay in Seattle for a long time, get the all-day regional pass for $8. Also, if you are staying in the mainstream area, you can use the shuttle service provided as a complimentary service.


Biking is an integral part of a guide to Seattle. This city is an extremely bike-friendly and walk-friendly country as you'll see many locals using their personal bikes to travel to work. There are many trails around the main areas, so locals mostly use them to walk and ride for short distances. To learn about the biking culture, you can get a bike map of Seattle from the local stores. Also, many bike renting companies spread around the city, so you can easily book it using different apps in case you do not carry one.