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Being one of the oldest cities in the US, Savannah is the landmark of history and culture. It is the traveler's paradise because of the lovely combination of activities and parties it offers. You can enjoy your time at Savannah Beach, visit the parks, and relish day trips to tons of islands. Because of the unique Southern charm, it is considered as a must-visit place for singles, couples, and families alike. 

You'll learn about the cultural and heritage sites to see and things to do in different seasons in this guide to Savannah. Also, a proper understanding of Savannah's way of life, the most popular neighborhoods, and transiting details have been described in detail.

When to go

Spring and early summertime can be regarded as the best period to visit Savannah because of the lovely weather, festivals, and top-notch events. This time comes from March to July. If you are traveling in a group, it can prove to be really enjoyable because of the parties and festivals; however, the accommodation price can produce a dent on your budget because of the high costs. The complete guide to Savannah in different seasons is given below.


 Winter in Savannah is pretty lonely because of the lack of tourists and fewer outdoor activities. This time comes around January and lasts till the end of February. Although the weather is typically chilly, you may still need some summer gear such as shirts, hats, etc. Planning a trip to Savannah in winter can be beneficial if you travel with your family as the cost of hotels, food, and other things get low. Also, there is less crowd so you can get a better experience of the local life. You can visit the spots like Davenport House Museum, Andrew Low House, and Owens-Thomas House. If you are interested in winter sports, you can watch ice hockey and go ice skating too.


Savannah has a magnificent horizon covering the gorgeous greenery and miles of water and coast. Spring season arrives in March and brings a lot of tourists and day-trippers alongside. It is the busiest season because of the ideal weather and occasions. You can take your family to the Savannah Cruise to enjoy the ride and mouth-watering seafood. To enjoy the beautiful blossom season, you can visit the famous Coastal Georgia Botanical Garden and Savannah Botanical Garden. If you are into stories, spend some time at Savannah's ghost town to learn the spirits' myths. Finally, make sure to spend some peaceful time and cherish your appetite by enjoying the fresh delights of Farmers Market. 


May to September is the hot summer period in Savannah, with June being the scorching month. Because of the coastal line, the weather remains very humid, so it rains a lot all season. The conditions become less of a problem if you spend your time enjoying plenty of entertainment activities at the Savannah parks, cruises, and quaint neighborhoods. If you like to learn about historical stuff, you can get tours of famous museums and houses. Also, you will want to spend most of your holiday time on the beach because of the hot days. Be a part of beach sports such as volleyball, swimming, surfing, and enjoy picnics at the well-liked gardens with your family or friends. 


Fading away the entire heat and summer crowd, the fall season in Savannah starts in October. It is quite a peaceful time along the coastline and significant visiting areas. If you are looking to spend some quality time and want to make a trip to get your mind clear and calm, get a guide to Savannah Islands during this period. You can participate in small cultural and traditional festivals that the locals celebrate around this time. Also, you can visit the Tybee Island and nearby areas to enjoy the food festivals if you consider yourself a foodie.


The historical land of Savannah has a diverse set of communities representing the way of life, routine, and traditions of the natives. We are emphasizing a few famous neighborhoods in this guide to Savannah below to mirror the authentic glimpse of the gem city.

Savannah Historic District

Historic District, also called downtown, is one of Savannah's most iconic neighborhoods because it depicts incredible stories about the history in its architecture and landscape. It is filled with extraordinary museums, historic squares, restaurants, cafes, and buildings. If you like to explore the past and want to learn about the origin of the US's Southern culture, you can visit the famous museums in the district like Telfair Museum, The Railroad Museum, and History Museum. Also, visit the famous Columbia Square and Ellis Square for some recreational activities and shopping.


Midtown neighborhood consists of Ardsley Park, Chatham Crescent, and a few other famous districts. Centered on the city and being the oldest Savannah neighborhood, it is equally valuable among the tourists and locals. Because of the green space and rugged bike lanes, families spend quality time here with kids tripping around on their bikes. This area has a bit of Spanish Architecture engraved in it, making it extremely popular among the tourists. If you are on vacation to Savannah with your family, we recommend seeing the Cathedral of Saint John and Savannah City Market here. Also, for the whole day, you can have a relaxing time at Forsyth Park.

Tybee Island

Tybee Island is a long stretch of coastline where a lot of parties and celebrations take place. It is a casual beach intended for fun activities. You can meet many locals here as it is the most convenient place to visit in Savannah. To have fun at Tybee Island with your family, you can have breakfast at Butler Ave and swim and surf in the ocean. Also, you can take part in beach sports to make the trip memorable. 



Savannah provides its locals and visitors with tons of traveling options. You can easily use a taxi, shuttle, bike, or any other cab sharing service if you want. To understand the complete guide to Savannah's transportation, you will need to keep in mind the following details.


Car is considered as a primary source of transportation in Savannah. Although there are buses, trolleys, and taxis available, most of the locals of Savannah travel using their personal car because of the services' rates. We would recommend you to use your own vehicle or use any of the car renting service available if your trip's duration is long. Similarly, you should use a car if you want to see distant islands of Savannah, such as Tybee Island, Head Island, and Skidaway Island. Using navigation apps will easily take you to your destination. On the downside, using your car will cost you a lot of parking pennies in the peak season. 

Public Transit 

Savannah has buses, dots, and shuttles as public transit. You can use the bus to travel around the neighborhoods at the cost of $1.5 one side. Also, if you get a pass, you'll get weekly discounts. If you want to travel to downtown, use the Dot or Shuttle service. They are pretty trendy and affordable, but it isn't easy to get a seat on them during the touristy season, so make sure to stick on their schedule. For longer distances, you can prefer to use the taxi, Uber, or Lyft, but their average rate is high. To travel to Hutchinson Island, you can use the free ferry service available at River Street. 


Since Savannah has a vast coastline, and most of the fun places are near the beach, many people prefer to walk or cycle around. There are approximately 20 squares in the city where visitors can roam and walk around on foot. Usually, people use a bike or walk during the daytime as it gets pretty dark and scary at night.