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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is the locus of great American history, culture, and tradition as it is one of the earliest settled locations of the English people. Because it has a notable architecture and art scene, it provides a lot of learning and influential characteristics. Experience the ultimate charm of the city's famous locations and nightlife by getting sightseeing tours and capture the new persona of local lifestyle by enjoying the food and art scene. 

In this guide to Philadelphia, learn about native culture and many other historical locations blended with fun and unique outdoor activities. Learn about the best time to visit and things to do in different seasons in this guide to Philadelphia. Also, experience the functioning of different neighborhoods in detail given below.

When to go

March to May is regarded as the best time to visit Philadelphia because the temperature starts to rise steadily. As a result, the icy breeze starts to diminish, and the outdoor city life resumes at full peak. The hotel rates are also within affordable ranges; hence make sure you plan accordingly.   


December to March is the winter season in Philadelphia, with the average temperature ranging between negative 3 degrees Celsius and 4 degrees Celsius. During these cold months, the Winterfest flourishes with tourists across the Blue Cross RiverRink to enjoy ice sports such as ice skating, snowboarding, etc. You can find many discounted activities because of holiday seasons, such as museum tickets, game tickets, etc. Get the best out of the season by walking around the Longwood Gardens and seeing your family or friends' historical locations by taking a city tour. Also, if you like to shop, you can go to the City Center to get the best perks of Christmas Village. 


April and May mark the entry of the spring season in Philadelphia. There isn't much rainfall in the course of this season, and the temperature remains pretty bearable on average. The city blooms with energy and joy as there are plenty of things happening around. As the atmosphere is filled with greenery's fresh fragrance, you can enjoy many outdoor activities such as picnics, city tours, food tours, etc. If you like to ride a bike, head onto the Schuylkill River Trail with your loved ones, and make memories. Also, you can go to Wissahickon Valley for some hiking. You can also take a stroll at Longwood Gardens and see the Morris Arboretum for some fun and enjoyment. 


The summer season in Philadelphia starts in June and ends in August, with July being the hottest time. Philadelphia summers are pretty hot and humid; however, plenty of visitors can still be seen enjoying the streets. During this time, you can visit the Oval to spend some quality time with your family. Also, you can visit the oasis at Spruce Street Harbor Park to enjoy the colors of nature. Since many games and sports events are happening around this time of the year, you can buy tickets and watch soccer, baseball, basketball, etc., with your friends. Finally, to get an extraordinary glimpse of the city, you can take city tours with your loved ones. 


The fall season in Philadelphia comes after August, marking the entry of cold winds and chilly nights. As a lot of events and festivals such as Center City Restaurant Week, Dine Latino Week, Linkvilla Orchards celebrations, etc., happen this season, a lot of tourists and locals celebrate together with utmost charm. If you are carrying kids with you on the trip, you can go to local parks and take guided tours of the city. Also, you can go to Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire and State Parks for an amazing time. If you are interested in learning about the city's colonial architecture, you can visit the famous Philadelphia Bridges and see famous Philadelphia Museums. Overall, it has a lot of fun activities, so we would recommend you to visit most of the top-rated spots in this guide to Philadelphia.


Rittenhouse Square

Rittenhouse Square is one of the top-rated areas of Philadelphia, depicting the utmost prestigious lifestyle of locals. This neighborhood is popular because of its amazing restaurants, shopping malls, boutiques, and gift shops. Usually, it remains crowded with tourists, so there is a lot of the hustle and bustle. If you want to explore the fantastic drink culture of Philadelphia, we would recommend you to get a taste of Rittenhouse Square's local wine and beer. Make the most out of your trip by seeing the royal art galleries and theatres and visit the other high-end entertainment spots. Also, if you want to learn about the colonial architecture of the city, you can take a tour of Spruce Street and Locust Street.

Old City

As the name depicts, Old City carries the precious memories of American history because a lot of major independence decisions were taken there. Since it possesses the 18th-century charisma in its outlook, you will be amazed to explore the amazing design. Walk on the cobblestone streets and see local stores and shops carrying a glimpse of colonial architecture. Also, if you want to learn about history, you can take a sightseeing tour of Liberty Bell, Benjamin Franklin Bridge, and Penn's Landing with your friends or family. This neighborhood also has a fantastic nightlife offering excellent restaurants, bars, clubs, theatres, and galleries, so you can note these down in your next guide to Philadelphia list.


If you have a genuine interest in learning about the art of the scene of Philadelphia, then you are in for a treat as Fairmount offers Philadelphia's incredible art museums and other artistic sights in general. You can see the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Franklin Institute, and Barnes Foundation, and Rodin Museum on your visit to Fairmount. As this neighborhood is usually less crowded than other neighborhoods, you can relax and enjoy a slow pace without caring about the fast life of the city. Also, it has a lot of greenery because of the parks and lush green trails, so it gives a soothing vibe. 



Philadelphia is enormous, but it offers impressive getting around options such as subway, cars, taxis, buses, etc. Use public transportation or travel by using cab renting services. To cover short distances, you can also rent bikes or travel on foot. Also, you can prefer your car or bike if you like. The complete details are given below:


If you are in a hurry, want to travel independently, or travel to remote and far away locations, renting a car or using a taxi can be the best choice. Also, many other cab services, such as Uber, Lyft, etc., are available at ease, so they can also be used. There are many major car renting spots available near the airport and City Center, so you can make your choice accordingly. Parking is also not a problem because a lot of garages can be easily found in crowded neighborhoods. The city's average parking rate is $9 per day, so you can put the car as a preferred choice to move around. 

Public Transit

Philadelphia has one of the best public transportation systems in the whole of the US. The public transit is run by Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), which is responsible for the city subway, community trail, and buses. In this guide to Philadelphia, we would recommend you to take Independence Pass if you want to do a lot of traveling. An individual pass is around $13, which will take you to the most famous neighborhoods in the region. However, you must follow the bus and train schedule.


Since Philadelphia's geographical pattern is based on colonial planning, it is centered on the five main square parks, especially The City Center. This feature has made the city too bike and walk-friendly. Most of the historical locations can be covered easily on bike or foot. There are many bike renting services available. However, Fairmont Bicycles and Wheel Fun Rentals are the most popular ones. If you want to ride the bike, get a $10 one day pass to move around. Also, since the city offers the best walking paths, you can choose to travel by foot if you like.