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Denver acts as a gateway and base point to many of the adventurous spots in Colorado. Many tourists spend time here on their way to the Rocky Mountains and other peaks, but because of the high quality of life and pure essence of the city, it is continuously becoming popular all over the world. Having a delightful and entertaining blend of outdoor and indoor ventures, traveling to Denver can be a perfect choice for you if you love to explore and discover new things.    

You'll learn about the best time and things to do in different seasons in this guide to Denver. Also, to give a complete understanding of Denver's way of life, the most popular neighborhoods and transiting details have been described in detail.

When to go

Denver has very unpredictable weather as it rains and hails a lot. Visit this city in June, July, September, or October to have the best time. You can travel in the winter season too if you want to enjoy the snow and adore the day trips to different nearby peaks to play snow sports such as snowboarding, skiing, etc.


The cold days in Denver start from October and lasts till April. Winter season in Denver is frosty, with December and January as the unbearable cold months. Because of the snowstorms in the extreme months, Denver is mostly empty, with only locals. This can be beneficial for you if you like chilly weather and want to spend some peaceful time. Make sure to visit the Denver Museum and go ice skating at Skyline Park. As most of the activities and things remain open, you can get your family a guided tour to learn the famous places like Clyfford Stil Museum, Union Station, Denver Mint, etc.


Spring season in Denver remain till April and May. This is the best time to visit the city because many festivals and events occur around this time. Because of the activities, games, and shows in this period, many people travel to Denver from all over the states. This guide to Denver recommends seeing Cinco de Mayo Festival, Denver Art Festival, and Rockies Game if you are traveling with your family. Also, if you consider yourself a rock music fan, you can see the Red Rock Show.


June and July are the summer month in Denver, Colorado. The days seem very cool and fresh, but sometimes, the nights can be chilly because of the unpredictable rainfalls. You can take a vacation to Denver around this time to enjoy family-friendly activities like seeing the famous Denver Zoo and enjoying the arts and cultural festivals and museums like Denver Art Museum, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, and History Colorado Center. If you like to explore and learn about history, arts, or culture, or are traveling with kids, this can be a pretty amazing experience because of these places' overall importance. Roam around the city with your loved ones by enjoying the nightlife and seeing the famous neighborhoods.  


September and October is the fall season in Denver as the trees start to turn rust and the environment gradually becomes cold. While you can visit most of the places mentioned earlier in this season as well, Denver has its own charm in fall. If your group likes to drink, you can have the best time around by participating in Denver Oktoberfest and visiting the Breckenridge Wine Classic. Also, you can watch a movie at the Denver Movie Festival and participate in many food activities if you travel with your family.


Denver is a popular city among tourists because it assembles various neighborhoods, each holding its unique characteristics and lifestyle. This guide to Denver has highlighted the following most popular neighborhoods to understand the unparalleled charm and distinct sense of energy and vibe. 

Capitol Hill

If you are a fan of bars and nightlife, then Capitol Hill is the ultimate neighborhood for you. Being the most densely populated neighborhood of Denver, it has a life of its own. Offering activities in both days and nights and to all the age groups, it can be ideal for your family vacation. You can take tours of Molly Brown House Museum, History Colorado Center, and Colorado State Capitol if you are interested in knowing the local history and culture. You can also visit the St. John's Cathedral and other local places in Capitol Hill to see the neighborhood's architectural side. The most famous place of this town is the Upstairs Circus Lower Downtown, where you can cherish the indoor games. Also, if you are carrying kids with you on the trip, make sure to visit, make sure to join the tour of Dark Side of Denver Ghost Tour and Hammond's Candies Factory. 


Originally called North Capitol Hill, Uptown is the most liked area by the tourists because of the summer festivals, food, cafes, bars, and shopping centers. It is famous for its hippy culture and architectural sites. It is also home to Denver's oldest residential sites depicting the native lifestyle. You can learn about these places by taking the history tour at Uptown. Take your kids at the Denver Zoo and Denver Museum of Nature and Science in this neighborhood. You can also roam around City Park to see Denver's largest green space.  

Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek is the heart of Denver because of the upscale lifestyle and luminous charisma. If you love to shop, you must visit Cherry Creek because it has many malls and shopping centers. Spend some quality time in the popular cafes and eateries and visit the famous art galleries in Cherry Creek to have the best time.



It is very easy to roam around Denver because of the vast amount of travel options available. While most locals prefer to commute by walking or taking the rail, there are other good options too. To understand the complete guide to Denver's transportation, you will need to follow the underlying detail.


Most people do not prefer to use their personal vehicles in Denver. If you are not using your own car, you can rent a car as there are many garages and car renting services near the airport and Downtown. Also, many cab services are available, such as Lyft, Uber, and Denver Yellow Cab. Although the road network is pretty amazing because of the wide paved roads, it can be difficult to drive sometimes because of factors like weather, tourists, and parking costs. Parking cost at famous neighborhoods such as Downtown is pretty costly with an average of $6 per hour. 

Public Transit

There is a wide variety of public transportation in Denver. You can travel via Bus, Rail, or even Scooter. If you are at the airport, you can take the Airport Rail to travel to Downtown at $10.5. Also, to move around famous tourist spots, you can take the Light Rail, but you will first have to visit the Regional Transportation District to get the idea of the fare, routes, and schedule. If you're traveling solo, you can take the pedicabs for quick traveling at affordable rates. To travel around long distances and cover different neighborhoods, we recommend using the Bus; however, to get the proper guide to Denver's Bus system, you will need to remember the major stops and bus schedule.


Denver is popular because of its biking culture. Most of Denver's top-rated tourist spots can be reached by bike or walk from the Downtown area. Because of the proper biking tracks spread across all the popular places, you will always want to use your bike or walk on foot here. If you are not carrying your bike, you can rent it from the local bike shops or can use the bike share program to roam around the city.